Smiling overweight mid adult woman doing sit ups and looking at the camera. As our bodies change with age, many aches and pains come with it. You may experience more pain in your joints, such as your knees, shoulders, and elbows, as well as other areas of the body. Another change we must be mindful of is how our bodies handle our circulation. In some cases, circulation can change to the point where it is no longer as efficient as it once was, which can cause you to experience sensations of pain. If you’ve been dealing with aching veins, there could be several causes for your discomfort, and our office can help you uncover them.

Here are a few reasons you may be experiencing vascular pain and what we can do to help.

Coronary Artery Disease

If you haven’t led a heart-healthy lifestyle, you may be at risk for developing complications such as Coronary Artery Disease. This condition can have far-reaching effects on the body, such as compromised blood flow. When this happens, it’s a sign that your arteries are narrow, making it more challenging for blood to flow to your heart as it should. If left unchecked, coronary artery disease can expose you to various dangerous symptoms, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and heart attack. If you find yourself experiencing symptoms like these, it’s essential to speak with a professional as soon as possible.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Do your legs hurt when you walk? It could signify that you’re experiencing symptoms of peripheral artery disease. Similar to Coronary Artery Disease, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) also causes the blood vessels to narrow and constrict the flow to the heart. Discomfort is commonly felt in the calf muscles, but patients can experience pain in other parts of the leg, such as in the thighs and hips. If not treated, PAD can lead to gangrene and make amputation necessary.


Your weight is another factor that can contribute to problems with circulation. Being obese can cause your circulation to slow down because of increased pressure in your veins from plaque buildup. If your circulation slows down, it can adversely affect your heart and cause complications like a heart attack or heart disease.

The good news is that you have someone in your corner ready to help your circulation perform at its best. Here at Suffolk Vein and Vascular, we specialize in treating many venous deficiencies and can provide you with innovative and minimally invasive treatments to help restore your quality of life. However, the first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our three offices to see what works best for your situation. Please call us at (631) 476-9100 to schedule your consultation.

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