Varicose veins on a legs of woman If you have varicose veins, the is a strong chance that you’re looking for the most effective means to get rid of them. The rise of modern medicine has given rise to many treatments for varicose veins, such as sclerotherapy

Procedures like sclerotherapy consist of methods designed to collapse varicose veins safely and help your body eliminate the vein on its own. But a new form of sclerotherapy called Foam Sclerotherapy has caused a debate among patients that want to know which one is more effective at treating varicose veins. If you’re wondering which treatment is better, here are a few things you should know about each and if one may be the best treatment for you.

How Traditional Sclerotherapy Works

Traditional sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure designed to help relieve varicose veins. During the procedure, you receive an injection of a solution into the troublesome vein, causing its blood to reroute to other veins. After a few weeks, the vein collapses and eventually fades.

The procedure typically takes under an hour to complete without the need for anesthesia, and you can return home after a short observation period.

How Foam Sclerotherapy Works

Foam sclerotherapy works in a similar way to traditional sclerotherapy, as it also involves injecting a solution into varicose veins. But, there are crucial differences between the two. For instance, foam sclerotherapy involves injecting a foam solution into the vein to reduce its size. Also, foam sclerotherapy is generally used to treat more prominent varicose veins.

Foam sclerotherapy is also completed as an outpatient procedure and can help you get back to your regular activities quickly. 

Which One Works Better?

Based on the severity of your varicose veins, your doctor can help determine which treatment may offer you the most noticeable results. Some people believe that foam sclerotherapy gives them better results because they report rapid improvement of symptoms and feel that varicose veins disappear more quickly. But, it’s worth noting that these results can widely vary and should not be taken as the standard.

Whether treatment is more successful depends on your case, symptoms, and how your body responds to treatment.

A crucial part of finding out what is best for you begins with speaking with a qualified professional. 

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