Peripheral artery disease Peripheral artery disease is a common circulatory problem that affects millions of people worldwide, causing reduced blood flow to the limbs due to narrowed or blocked arteries. In recent years, laser atherectomy for peripheral artery disease has emerged as a promising minimally invasive treatment option for this disease, offering numerous advantages over traditional surgical procedures. Here is what you should know about this treatment option and how it can help you.

How Laser Atherectomy for Peripheral Artery Disease Can Benefit You

Laser atherectomy is a non-surgical procedure that doctors use to treat PAD, a disease described as the restriction of blood flow to the arteries or blockage in the arms or legs due to plaque buildup.

Here are some of the benefits of laser atherectomy:

Accurate Plaque Removal

A laser catheter targets and destroys plaque buildup within the affected artery. This method ensures doctors remove the plaque without tearing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Better Blood Flow

Laser atherectomy for peripheral artery disease can improve blood flow to the arms and legs by removing plaque and restoring the health of the affected artery. This procedure can also relieve PAD-related symptoms, such as leg pain, cramps, scars, and raw canker sores.

Reduces Complications

Laser atherectomy is associated with a lower complication risk than open surgery. By making small cuts in the skin during surgery, doctors can reduce the risk of infection, pain, and other side effects.

Customized Treatment

Custom treatment depends on a patient’s needs, location, condition, and symptoms. Therefore, laser atherectomy for Peripheral Artery Disease can be combined with other non-invasive techniques to get a positive result.

Improved Quality of Life

By restoring blood flow to the arms or legs, atherectomy can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with PAD. Patients may experience relief from symptoms, increased mobility, and greater well-being.

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Our team at the Suffolk Vascular & Vein Center offers laser atherectomy for peripheral artery disease. We use advanced laser technology, which restarts blood circulation by removing blockage that prevents it from flowing efficiently.

Although the method has several benefits, consulting with a vascular specialist is essential to determine the most appropriate treatment approach and how to maintain artery health. Contact us by calling our team in Port Jefferson Station (631-476-9100), Hauppauge (631-979-0222), or Riverhead, NY (631-591-9003) to schedule an appointment and discuss your situation and goals.

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