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Living with kidney failure requires the comprehensive care provided by the medical staff at Suffolk Vascular & Vein Center. At their offices in Riverhead, Hauppauge, and Port Jefferson Station, New York, the board-certified physicians offer on-site dialysis services and oversee your treatment from start to finish. If you need dialysis care to treat kidney failure, call to schedule a consultation at the nearest office, or you can use the online booking feature.

Dialysis Q & A

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment that helps your kidneys remove waste and keep your blood clean. It’s often necessary when you’re in end-stage kidney failure, which means your kidneys aren’t functioning properly.

Dialysis is also important for controlling your blood pressure and keeping certain substances in your blood, such as potassium and sodium, at safe levels.

How does dialysis work?

In hemodialysis, a machine works as an artificial kidney to remove waste. Your blood travels outside of your body and through the machine, which filters out waste, and then the blood returns to your body.

In order to move your blood more efficiently through the dialysis machine, your Suffolk Vascular & Vein Center surgeon performs a minor surgical procedure to enlarge the blood vessel. In many cases, they create a dialysis fistula, which is an access portal under your skin that joins an artery and vein.

If a fistula isn’t possible, your doctor may perform a graft procedure, which involves the insertion of a plastic tube to make the connection between an artery and vein to increase blood circulation through the kidneys.

If your doctor recommends peritoneal dialysis, the lining of your abdomen is used to filter your blood.

What can I expect during dialysis?

If you’re undergoing hemodialysis, you can expect to visit the Suffolk Vascular & Vein Center several times a week for treatment, depending on the severity of your kidney failure.

If you need peritoneal dialysis, your doctor runs a sterile solution through your abdominal cavity, which drains out through a tube. Your doctor repeats this process several times to properly filter your blood.

In addition to dialysis, the medical team offers comprehensive counseling and guidance to help you make appropriate lifestyle changes to manage your kidney condition. You can expect recommendations about:

  • Scheduling regular exercise
  • Watching fluid, salt, and protein intake
  • Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs

Your Suffolk Vascular & Vein Center doctors also monitor your use of over-the-counter and prescription medications to ensure they don’t interfere with your kidney treatments.

Learn more about the comprehensive dialysis services available by calling the office nearest you or by booking an appointment online today.